Summer Send Off Car Show 22'

Dec. 19, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode of Stance Bodega , the Clerks (Giovanni Gonzalez & Antonio Soto) attend Summer Send Off Car Show ; one of the best shows (amongst the few) here in Massachusetts. Tony Torres and hi…

Season 2 Recap

Nov. 28, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode of Stance Bodega; the Clerks Antonio ( Antonio Soto) & Gio (Giovanni Gonzalez) recap on the season 2. Together they share their favorite moments, events and touch upon the support …

Legends United 22'

Sept. 13, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode of Stance Bodega, the clerks Antonio (Antonio Soto) & Gio (Giovanni Gonzalez) get together for Legends United Meet in Greenfield, MA hosted by David Medina. Anthony "Geeky" Alicea,…

The Gather Inn 22'

Aug. 13, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* The Clerks (Antonio & Gio) are back with the Stance Inn crew; this time at the Gather Inn, a meet in collaboration with Low Rider Depot. The boys held a spectacular meet that completely went abov…

Summer Send-Off Meet 22'

July 30, 2022

*ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS* Welcome to yet another awesome episode of Stance Bodega , where your Clerks Giovanni Gonzalez (Gio) & Antonio Soto (Antonio) talk to members of the car community (like yourselves) & the people who or…

Events Lifestyle Garage

Lifestyle Garage Pop-up

July 16, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Without further a-do, our tour has come to a pause which has given us the time to go over every recorded episode and finally make it available for y'all to listen. On this Episode, we continued wi…

Events Eccentric

Eccentric Season Opener 22'

May 15, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode of Stance Bodega, the Clerks (Antonio & Gio) are at The Eccentric Season Opener chatting with anyone who pulls up the bodega (booth).We had Jeremy Hansen (Hansen Media), Marcos Woo…

Summer Send Off

The Journey to Summer Send Off

May 8, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode; The Clerks (Antonio & Gio) welcome some familiar faces to the car community here in Massachusetts, Tony Torres from Summer Send Off Car Show & James Kelly from Street Trendz Metal…


UC3 & All it's Goodness

May 1, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this Episode of Stance Bodega, the Clerks ( Antonio & Gio ) leave their comfort zone and head out to their first live show! Name a better show to start the season and begin their live show? UC3…

Pull Up BeastCoast

To Be or Not to BeastCoast? w/ Matt Gaumont

March 27, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this episode of Stance Bodega , the clerks Antonio (Antonio Soto) & Gio (Giovanni Gonzalez) speak to the man responsible for one of the best Automotive Shows/Meets in New England, Matt Gaumont …

Guest: Matt Gaumont

Pull Up Session: Lashaun Miller

March 20, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Welcome to the first Pull Up Session of Season 2! On this special episode of Stance Bodega, the clerks Antonio & Gio sit down with none other than Lashaun Miller ; Videographer & Owner of Miller M…

The End of an Era?

March 14, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Is this really the end ? Is what we're asking ourselves with the unexpected news we received from Subaru this past week. In this episode, Antonio (Antonio Soto) & Gio (Giovanni Gonzalez) talk a…

Employee Birthday

March 5, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* On this very special episode of Stance Bodega; fellow clerk Antonio (Antonio Soto) celebrates his Birthday with naked and not afraid clerk, Gio (Giovanni Gonzalez). This episode is the first of ma…

The Season Open'er

Feb. 19, 2022

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Welcome to Season 2 of Stance Bodega! We have commenced a new chapter to bless your ears, so; please join Antonio & Gio amongst our journey to populate your brains with nonsense. In this season ki…

The Braves & SEMA!

Nov. 5, 2021

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPER* The clerks are back! After a break from our busy lives (especially Gio 😘) we have returned to give you a quick episode about our builds and just a few updates. Antonio and Gio talk about SEMA 21' a…

Stance Innovators Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Stance Innovators

Sept. 4, 2021

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS!* Welcome to another Pull Up Session with none other than Stance Innovators. Stance Innovators is a family of people who provide nothing but quality STANCED vehicles, clothing & some crazy VIBES. G…

Real Estate Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Edgar Rodriguez

Aug. 23, 2021

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* In this special episode of the Pull Up Session series we have none other than up and coming Real Estate protege Edgar Rodriguez from Massachusetts explain to us the importance and a little behind …

Stance Innovators Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Gary Troncoso

July 28, 2021

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Welcome to another Episode of Stance Bodega with host Antonio & Gio. In this Pull Up Session we present to you a Boston native by the name of Gary Troncoso. We talk about his beautifully built Sub…

Guest: Gary Troncoso
Pull Up Auto Detailing

Pull Up Session: Sami Lichir

July 24, 2021

*Attention fellow shoppers* We (Antonio & Gio) here at Stance Bodega have been busy; we would like to apologize for the lack of effort on our side to bring you the best in today's car scene. In this Pull Up Session, non othe…

Guest: Sami Lichir
Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Lowtek

June 26, 2021

*Attention Fellow Shoppers* In Episode 16 of Stance Bodega we have Lowtek (upcoming Skate Boarder) pulling up talking about his past life in the car scene and upcoming projects. Lowtek shares a bit about his life and what it…

Guest: Lowtek

Lighting & Lowriders w/ Jerry Burt

June 11, 2021

Hola me llamo Dora! That means ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS, right? On this episode of Stance Bodega we talk about the brand new Ford Lighting and all its goodness, we also talk to long time friend and fellow OG to the car comm…

Guest: Jerry Burt
Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Charlie Colfer

June 4, 2021

*ATTENTION FELLOW SHOPPERS* Today on Stance Bodega's very own Pull Up Sessions, we have special guests host Charlie Colfer aka @kuruma.jpg on the gram! In this episode we talk about his time in Japan, he gives us his Top 3 (…

Stance Innovators Pull Up

Pull Up Session: Xavier Hernandez

May 16, 2021

Welcome fellow shoppers! In our ( Stance Bodega ) very first Pull Up Session, Antonio & Gio invite guest host Xavier Hernandez for a night full of laughs and car talk. We chat about his Bagged LS430 and find out what his pl…

Punto & a Whole Lotta Vibes

May 13, 2021

Yerrrrrrrrrr! Welcome everyone to Stance Bodega! In this episode Antonio & Gio talk about Boston's very own "Punto" and how its been affecting the community with all the noise complaints, a new transportation to go from Mass…